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ELectronic COMponents & SYStems

Your one stop supplier for Switch Mode Power Supplies – AC to DC, DC to DC Converters, RF & Microwave Components and Systems for Defence & Aerospace, Industrial, Railway and Medical applications.

The product portfolio includes Power Conversion products from 1Watt to several KiloWatts, RF & Microwave Components, Antennas and Radomes for hi-reliability application and to niche Ground Military, Airborne and Shipborne platform.

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Elcomsys offers the most cutting-edge components hi-reliable application demanding hi-quality Electronic Passive, RF & Microwave Components and Power Conversion products.

Elcomsys assures you with every order

Elcomsys is committed in meeting customer’s price, lead time expectation with its well experienced management, sales and logistic team. Also, assure you of receiving all factory warranties and post-sales support with every order.

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Elcomsys has years of experience in dealing directly with its OEMs as authorized distributor and provides the lowest possible price for the highest quality products for all its customers worldwide.

Global Sourcing
we source EOL products

Elcomsys is able to effectively source EOL products, hard to find components of global manufacturers for customer’s long term products in production / support need.

Industrial DC-DC Converter

Traco – a leading supplier of low power dc-dc converter from 0.5W to 1000W in various package style.

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Brick DC-DC Converter

Cincon offers Full, Half and Quarter Brick DC-DC Converter with industry pin out style from 50W to 750W.

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Aedon, designer and manufacturer of Mil spec PCB Mount DC-DC Converter from 5W to 1kW.

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KW Systems, expert configurable Mil AC-DC Manufacturer offers chassis mount AC-DC 30W-3kW.

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VITA62 VPX Power Supply

Mil-COTS and configurable 3U / 6U conduction and air cooled VITA 62 VPX Power Supplies from 320W-1200W.

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High Power MilitaryAC-DC & DC-DC

Schaefer, industry leader offers high power units from 5kW – 50kW in conduction, air cooled and liquid cooled.

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Industries we serve

Military Grade Standard and Customized Power Conversion Products and RF & Microwave Components.

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Low and Medium Power DC-DC Converter and AC-DC Power Supplies for Industrial market segments.

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Railway Certified DC-DC Converters from 8W – 600W, PCB/Chassis mount & Configurable Power supplies.

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A wide range of PCB Mount, Open frame and Enclosed type Medical Grade DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies.

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Elcomsys Pte Ltd is an extended arm of the OEMs

it is helping customers by

  • Understanding the Design Requirements
  • Understanding the Production Requirements
  • Suggesting the right Products & Solutions
  • Technical Support
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