Verdant offers a range of Airborne Radomes in monolithic and sandwich configuration for slow moving as well as high speed platforms. Typical Radomes are made of fibres of E-glass, S-glass, Aramid, Quartz or of matrices of epoxy, cyanate ester, etc. along with honeycomb-like or foam-like core material for sandwiched type construction.

Typical surface coatings are epoxies, polyurethanes and specialized anti-static topcoats. The combination of different high tech materials has been proven to give some of the best solutions possible for high frequency Radomes. The materials and construction are chosen to minimize loss at the required frequency while optimizing strength and cost. Airborne Radome applications include Nose Radomes for MMR and Weather Radars, Satcom Antennas, IFF & Telemetry Array Antennas, etc. Verdant offers custom solutions for Radomes as per customer specification.

For product inquiry on your special Radome requirements or for more information, please contact us at sales@elcomsys.sg